Ivydene Gardens Library Catalogue: Garden Cultivation Books

Each entry, where possible, has an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to assist you in locating a copy.

In order to assist the design process for a garden, the Library has been split into the following order of abstraction:-

  • Garden Style - The overall style of the garden — Cottage, Japanese, Feng-Shui, Informal, Formal, Wildlife Friendly etc - dictates which following design and plant books are suitable to use
  • Garden Design - gives design methodologies to follow for the Garden Style chosen.
  • Garden Planting Design gives planting design ideas for the beds of the overall garden design chosen above.
  • Wildlife gives details concerning wildlife that could be found in gardens, their lifestyle and how to encourage them to your garden.
  • Location of Plants shows which plants should be grouped together for its soil, shade, colour for the garden style chosen.
  • Plant Association shows which plant combinations give a pleasing colour combination or foliage contrast.
  • Plant Types gives growing conditions of a particular family of plants, i.e. Primulas, with lists of where suitable and finally
  • Plant Species gives data about a particular family of plants in restricted format.

The Reference Library and the Practical Projects categories will assist with construction.

Private garden maintenance can then be assisted by the following:-

  • Gardening gives general information on how to garden for the whole garden,
  • Garden Cultivation gives specific data about growing vegetables in a kitchen garden, or fruit in an orchard, or lawns, ponds etc,
  • Propagation gives details on how to propagate new plants from seed, division or grafting,
  • Garden Pests includes information on garden pests and diseases with their control and
  • Garden Tips gives tips on different parts of gardening.

Please note that entries in the library pages in red text indicate books that Chris Garnons-Williams has found to be more useful than the others in that section.




Pictures of


Alan Titchmarsh's How to be a Gardener Back to Basics


Alan Titchmarsh


Gardening basics with how plants grow, planning and making borders, from season to season, weeding, garden maintenance, and lawns



Stephanie Donaldson

800 containers

A comprehensive guide to container gardening with practical ideas for creating 150 beautiful containers of all kinds and planting instructions

Gardening with green manures



Green manure plant diagrams

Good descriptions of plants for green manuring with their cultivation and use. Thin Booklet

Growing Better Plants


Gardening Which?

The Gardening Which? guide to choosing composts and feeds to get the most from container plants. Thin Booklet

Growing From Seed


Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds Ltd

50 colour pictures

Step-by-step guide describing basic details of how seeds grow, then individual methods and varieties and gives tips on how to raise and use some of the more popular flowers and vegetables

Growing Under Glass


Kenneth A. Beckett

Line drawings

Book from RHS encyclopedia of practical gardening. How to select and run a greenhouse, how to propagate and use different types of greenhouse

Home-Grown Food


David Wickers

How to grow vegetables, fruit and herbs in the home

How to Grow Pinks


The British National Carnation Society

How to grow the modern pink, laced pinks and miniature pinks. Thin Booklet

Middletons All The Year Round Gardening Guide



How to produce vegetables and fruit during each week of the year in World War II

Organic Grounds Maintenance Manual




This aims to encourage the use of organic methods in schools grounds. It is aimed at schools of all types. It has been produced by HDRA as part of a DETR-sponsored project: Go organic in school grounds.

Successful Fruit Tree Growing


Frank P. Matthews

Recommended fruit

22 pages of details for successful growing of apples, pears, plums, gages, damsons and cherries.

Thin Booklet

Successful Organic Gardening the Complete Guide to Growing Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables Naturally


Geoff Hamilton

Line drawings and plants

The complete guide to growing flowers, fruit and vegetables organically

Success with Container Gardening for Large Plants


H. and D. Mittman

60 colour photos, diagrams and usefull tables

The Mittmans are the proprietors of a nursery in Salzbergen, Germany that specializes in large container plants. Clear concise information about purchasing and positioning, watering and fertilizing together with overwintereing and repotting is given in this thin book for over 120 deciduous and evergreen plants.

Summer Containers 14 Gorgeous Displays to Create


Garden Answers


14 imaginative ideas for hanging baskets, patio containers and wall pots. Each planting idea has been picked for good looks, staying power and value for money. Thin Booklet

The Arboriculturalist's Companion


N.D.G. James

Growing and maintenance of trees with spacing, transplanting, pruning, identity and treatment of tree diseases and insect pests

The Fruit Garden Displayed


Harry Baker


The complete guide to successful tree and soft fruit growing. 4 fruit garden plans. Calendar of work to be done each month.

The National Chrysanthemum Society Chrysanthemum Guide


K.M. Dear


Chrysanthemums flower from August to December. A comprehensive practical guide to the cultivation of the chrysanthemum. Thin Booklet

The Plant Care Manual


Stefan Buczacki


Advice on soil, site, watering, feeding, pruning, pests and diseases, propagation and troubleshooting of 300 garden plants

The Reader's Digest The Gardening Year


Roy Hay

12 months of Flowers, Pests and Diseases

Monthly work plan for complete garden with plant descriptions

The Vegetable Garden Displayed


Joy Larkcom

Vegetables, pests and diseases

The complete guide to successful vegetable growing of 60 vegetables outdoors

Vegetable Plotter


Dr. D.G. Hessayon


What to do and how to do it for 27 vegetables. Thin Booklet

Year-Round Containers, Baskets & Boxes


Graham Strong and Charlie Phoenix

300 colour photos of plants in containers

Step-by-step guide to grow over 60 of their favourite planting schemes into pots, tubs, hanging baskets and windowboxes out in the garden.



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