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Do British Scaffold Erection Engineers in erecting the scaffolding usually make

  • 1) performance of the future contract for a builder to replace guttering literally impossible?
  • 2) the tiles under the supporting boards to get broken and
  • 3) when the painters or builders use the scaffolding, then they will be causing further damage to the roofs over which these scaffolding boards have been used as support for the scaffolding.


In August 2014, I made an error - since men are not perfect all the time; then it is possible to make an error.

My external render, windows and external doors required to be painted. All my windows above the ground floor are above roofs which are tiled with Kent Peg Tiles, which are fired clay and some are curved. This makes each roof unsuitable to be walked on or support anything else.

The painting company hired the scaffold erection company. I had stated to the painting company that I wished the scaffolding to allow all the guttering and downpipes to be replaced by builders and that the roofs would have maintenance - vis replacing broken or damaged tiles, checking the ridge tiles (if loose then removing and reinstalling with new mortar), chimneys (repointing if necessary) and flashing maintenance.

The scaffolding company quoted just under £2000 and when they arrived on site had heard nothing about this work to be done from the scaffolding by the builders. I asked them to include that for which they then charged £500 more. I left the scaffolders to erect the scaffolding and this is what I found when I returned at the end of the day:-

Front and side of my home with chimney in use on the left and shared with next door unusable chimney on the right.

End of garden wall had 3 bricks knocked out.

Ladder installed in front garden without scaffold board on it. More secure for building if ladder in back garden?


Bottom cornerof shared chimneyhas damaged concrete and tile flashing.

Front scaffolding is too low to put ladder from scaffolding to roof ridge without touching the roof tiles. Builder walks on air?


Scaffolding on side of house and attached to bottom guttering and bottom of kent peg tile roof as further shown below


Is this scaffolding technique being used to stabilse the scaffolding?

Makes it difficult to replace the guttering and


tends to bend the guttering out of shape sideways and




3 of the broken tiles on this lower side-roof. The roof was retiled within the last 3 years.

I suppose we must have dad heavy animals/birds walking on the roof on that day.


Upper scaffolding to be used by painters to paint the dormer window is supported on a scaffolding board on the roof. People using this scaffolding will apply pressure to those tiles, which are then likely to break.


The scaffolding board used on the other side the dormer is supported on the roof and the guttering; making it difficult to replace the upper guttering. It is depressing the guttering.


On the left in the photo above is a straight connector connecting 2 scaffolding pipes. These connectors were used to connect 3 horizontal scaffolding pipes and the 2 guard rails from the front of the house to the back.

The scaffolding is further stabilised by this horizontal to the house wall with an upright to the underbeath of the roof, as further shown below.


If the horizontal scaffolding pipe on these outside support scaffolding and the other 2 horizontal scaffolding pipes between that horizontal pipe and the house wall had been replaced with scaffold bridge beams, then the scaffolding boards on the lead flashing in the fourth photo below could have been removed, since it would have self-supporting.

The same support system could have been used on the Dormer Window in the second photo above and above the roof in the fifth photo below; as well as above the lower roof facing the back garden (scaffolding boards next to back window initially prevented 4 casements in one window frame from being opened and removed for repair before being painted).

The upright should stop the scaffolding flying away if we got high winds.


The scaffolding being attached to the guttering has depressed it and consequently pulled at the bottom of the roof, so that the window is against the bottom of the guttering. It was clear of it before the scaffolding was erected.


If these upright scaffolding pipes had been placed 1 foot away from the house rather being attached to the guttering, then the guttering, kent peg tile roof and the board under the roof at the bottom of the roof would not have bbeen damaged.

This same window has been opened as far as it will go. When the window casement is at rightangles to its frame, then it can be lifted off its other half of its hinges. Due to not being able to do this, then the bottom of these casements on the ground floor could not be painted.


If this horizontal scaffolding pipe had been placed 1 foot above the guttering, then these side windows could have been painted.

The scaffolding above this side-roof sits on a scaffolding board above the lead flashing which is above the kent peg tiles of the roof. This makes it difficult to replace the flashing if required; and it breaks the tiles when people stand on the scaffolding to paint the first floor windows.


Note the following:- Scaffolding attached to the guttering,
scaffolding boards on roof supporting the scaffolding and there is no way that a ladder on the scaffolding against a toe board can reach the ridge of the side roof, and no ladder to get on the valley between the dormer on the left and the side of the house on the right.


Builders replacing guttering on the left side of the dormer or tiles in between the 2 dormers can work using the air as support!!


The Trading Standards produce the following explanation of "Your customers' rights on hiring goods and hire purchase" of the Sale of Goods Act:-

"When a customer hires an item, the item must

match the description

be of satisfactory quality

be fit for purpose .

In the case of hired goods or hire-purchase items, the customer has the right to reject the goods if they are faulty until after the fault is discovered.

It is less clear if they should get a full refund or if a deduction should be made for the benefit of use of the goods. This will depend on what is reasonable based upon the facts and the level of inconvenience suffered as a result of the fault.

On discovery of a fault, the customer should reject the goods within a reasonable time to claim a refund.

When trying to decide if a customer has rejected a faulty item that has been hired or taken on hire purchase within a reasonable time, consider what an impartial person in a court would think reasonable for that product in the circumstances."

The scaffolding was erected on the Thursday. The proprietor of Pots of Paint who hired the scaffolding arrived on Monday and I did point out these faults. Nothing has been changed and the builder now states that he can still change the hips on this dormer window roof and the guttering including on the left hand side as shown in the emails below.

On Friday 5 September 2014, I shall be paying an extra £500 - to the original quoted cost of erecting scaffolding for the painters - to the scaffolder who has not carried out this extra scaffolding requirement for a builder to be on scaffolding to replace the guttering and downpipes; and the ridge or hips to be repaired if necessary. Also any person standing on that scaffolding is by definition going to damage the roof, because the scaffolding is being supported on scaffolding boards which are on the roof.

I am hoping that the repair cost for the builder for damage occuring during the day when the scaffolding was being erected and during its use afterwards by the painters and the further damage when it is removed does not exceed the £2450 of that scaffolding being erected and removed.

The guttering below cannot be replaced since it is being depressed by the scaffolding connector - unless the builder removes that connector and does not replace it on the new guttering and damage that as well as the bottom kent peg tiles of this roof and the lower side-roof facing the drive. If the builder does alter the scaffolding, then is that builder breaking the law? If the builder does not alter the scaffolding, then the guttering on the main roof also cannot be replaced.

As noted above, the painter was unable to complete the painting of the windows under the side-roof facing the drive, but the balance of the contract is still requested to be paid on the 5 September 2014.

Board on roof, scafolding pipe and connector depressing the guttering with the scaffolding connector being attached to the kent peg tile roof - I wonder if this is Best Practice?


No way that a ladder can be put on the ridge at the top of this photo and against the toe board without depressing the roof.


Looking up at this side hip section of the dormer window - both of which need repair - there is no support for the builder to stand or kneel on to do the work.



"In contract law, impossibility is an excuse for the nonperformance of duties under a contract, based on a change in circumstances (or the discovery of preexisting circumstances), the nonoccurrence of which was an underlying assumption of the contract, that makes performance of the contract literally impossible.

In common law, for the defense of "impossibility" to be raised performance must not merely be difficult or unexpectedly costly for one party, there must be no way for it to actually be accomplished; however, it is beginning to be recognized that "impossibility" under this doctrine can also exist when the contemplated performance can be done but only at an excessive and unreasonable cost, i.e., commercial impracticability." from Wikipedia.


I put up my own scaffolding when I built my garage and paid less than £1000 to buy the scaffolding second-hand. I cut the treated timber, erected its roof with its commons, joists, and dragon beams, before installing its roofing felt and then its kent peg tiles.

Nowadays as a private individual you are not allowed to put up scaffolding or change it - the authorised companies must do that.

The current scaffolding makes it impossible for the builders to do their work without changing or adding further scaffolding in my opinion, but no doubt the scaffolders would oblige in changing the scaffolding.


Since the builders cannot do the work with the present scaffold,
I wonder what further damage will occur when the scaffolding is taken down,
how much it costs and
how I get it repaired?


"On 1 Sep 2014, at 12:43, janet g-w wrote:

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for this reassurance.

Could you let us have the details from Graham please, so we can get a picture of what is to do and the cost. I shall need a bit of time to move money around so it is available at the right moment.


Janet and Chris


From: Pots Of Paint

Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 8:33 PM

To: janet g-w

Subject: Re: building work


Chris and Janet

I have just spoken to graham and he says there will be no problem with the scaffold stopping him from replacing the gutters etc.





See us on www.checkatrade.com/potsofpaint


On 31 Aug 2014, at 18:01, "janet g-w" <janet@ivydenegardens.co.uk> wrote:


Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the update and lets hope the second chap comes up with something very soon. We would be grateful if you could let us have the initial quote to consider whilst we are waiting.

As you know, we have been concerned about the scaffolding and in particular, that it will make some of the work needed difficult or even impossible, despite our explaining what was going to happen in terms of replacing the gutters and fixing repairs to the roof. If you can let us know to whom the cheque should be made payable, the initial £2000 will be ready for you when you come. Once the builder has confirmed that what has been done is suitable for their purposes and that we shall not be put to any additional expense by way of scaffolding work, we will immediately pay the balance.

You asked us to remind you that the external door sills could do with an additional coat of varnish. We will be about all week, although we may be out for part of Thursday.

Kind regards



From: Pots of Paint

Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 4:39 PM

To: janet g-w

Subject: Re: building work


Evening Janet and Chris

I have one of the builders prices but am awaiting the builder that came on Saturday.

I spoke to him yesterday and he assures me I will have something by end of weekend! If not happy to go with builder 1?

I will be back one day next week (depending on weather) to complete the window up the top. 

Scaffold invoice has arrived today so could you let me have a cheque for £2457.00 inc VAT which includes the extra scaffold that you requested.




On 29 Aug 2014, at 08:51, janet g-w <janet@ivydenegardens.co.uk> wrote:

Morning Jackie,

I’m still enjoying NOT seeing the chips every time we open the front door!

We haven’t heard from either builder yet and I would be grateful if you could give them a chivvy please. We appreciate that they won’t be able to start immediately, but we don’t want to pay for extra weeks of the scaffolding and there will be things we need to put in place once we have costs.

Many thanks

Janet and Chris





E: enquiries@potsofpaint.co.uk

W: potsofpaint.co.uk

M: 07967 985979

See us on www.checkatrade.com/potsofpaint"


From: Christopher Garnons-Williams <chris@ivydenegardens.co.uk>

Subject: Re: Checkatrade Open Day Invitation

Date: 1 September 2014 12:03:41 GMT+01:00

To: Checkatrade.com <katherine.dunham@checkatrade.com>

Reply-To: Christopher Garnons-Williams <chris@ivydenegardens.co.uk>


Dear Katherine,

Employing one of your Checkatrade companies, I found the following


"but no doubt the scaffolders would oblige" in the previous to last Row on that page will link you.

My hobby of my website www.ivydenegardens.co.uk is an educational website which neither sells nor buys anything, nor does any commission be paid to me or from me. 

I am now retired.

Best regards,


Chris Garnons-Williams



On 1 Sep 2014, at 10:23, Checkatrade.com wrote:

Checkatrade and Kent Trading Standards Open Day - 10th September

As a tradesperson living or working in Kent – you are probably aware that Checkatrade has been chosen to be the official Fair Trader Scheme in Kent, in partnership with Kent Trading Standards.
Our members in Kent are already benefitting from their new Kent Trading Standards Approved status which we know from research we have conducted that this is so important to consumers when they are considering using tradespeople. This provides them with peace of mind and reassurance in regards to the extensive checks that are carried out.
From a recent member survey – over 80% of those members surveyed agreed that having a Trading Standards Approved Status sets you apart from other traders and is instrumental in combatting the rogue trader problem.

So whether you have been a Buy with Confidence member in the past or were thinking of joining such a scheme, our partnership with Kent means you can achieve Kent Trading Standards Approved status on joining Checkatrade.

You will be able to use our joint logo (below) on your stationary and vehicles, which gives a powerful message to give your potential customers.  Checkatrade has been connecting consumers with reputable tradespeople like you since 1998, now with enhanced Trading Standards Approved Status.

We would like to invite you to attend our open day to find out more about us. 
Kent County Council and Checkatrade Partnership Open Day

•    10th September

                 Kent County Council, County Hall, Maidstone ME14 1XQ. 


You will have the opportunity to speak to both teams from Checkatrade and Kent Trading Standards and get a real insight into how the scheme works and the great benefits available.  You can also take advantage of great membership deals on offer from Checkatrade Telecom who can guarantee Checkatrade Members the lowest mobile line rental and calls in the UK.


If this sounds good – please feel free to drop in between 12 and 2pm for a chat and understand more about the benefits of joining. To register for the event, please click this link:


We really hope you can make the Open Day and find out more about what this partnership means for your business and consumers in Kent.
Kevin Byrne, MD and Founder

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As of 19 September 2014, I have received no reply from Checkatrade.

On 18 September 2014, the scaffolding firm came and removed the scaffolding. One of the builders (who had started to repair the wall damaged when only the scaffolding firm was on site and erecting the scaffolding) was on site to oversee what the scaffolders were doing. He did request to the scaffolders that instead of leaning the scaffolding poles and boards against the partially repaired wall, that they put those items directly into their scaffolding lorry that was alongside instead. The scaffolders were then throwing the scaffolding connectors from the scaffolding to a bucket on their lorry. Sometimes they missed and the items descended very close to my neighbours fence. The builder requested that they did not throw those connectors.

The following day the 2 builders continued the replacement of the guttering with downpipes (on the ground floor now that the scaffolding which had been attached to the guttering had been removed) and broken or damaged tiles.
Since some of the tiles which had to be replaced were in pairs in the same row in these lower side and back roofs, it is possible that human feet may have been walking on them to make erection of scaffolding quicker.
If you look at the first photo of my house above, you can see the flashing from the front house corner back to the chimney - the builders found that 17 of the kent peg tiles under that flashing had to be replaced due to them being broken. The scaffolders had put scaffolding boards on top of that flashing to support the scaffolding on that side and the painters had then used that scaffolding to stand on - after I had pointed out to the painters (who had hired the scaffolders) - with a hand-written note - what faults there was with that scaffolding; before they had started painting.
That side roof facing my drive had been replaced only 3 years previously and I do not believe that those wild animals/birds who have alighted on that roof were heavy enough to break those 100 tiles during those 3 years.

No apology about or offer to pay for the damage to the wall or those tiles has been received from those scaffolders by 19 September 2014. The labour and materials of repairing the damage to the roofs and wall - which occurred when the scaffolders were on site - exceeded 50% of the builders bill when the other 2 items of a) guttering and downpipes were replaced and b) damaged tiles due to weathering had been replaced; had been added.



Do remember to budget for repair costs when hiring members of the British workforce and hope that the repairman will not cause further damage!!


It is heartening to remember the following about these 3 Checkatrade Members, the painter, the scaffolder and the builder:- "So whether you have been a Buy with Confidence member in the past or were thinking of joining such a scheme, our partnership with Kent means you can achieve Kent Trading Standards Approved status on joining Checkatrade." as written in their email above.


If Scaffold Bridge Beams had been used, then both the painter and the builder could have done their work and hopefully no damage would have been done to the garden wall and house roofs. This would have made the customer happier.


Another minor item to remember is that you as the owner become responsible for the state that others can leave your property in.

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From April 2016, all dogs in the UK will need to be microchipped by law. Anyone who doesn't have their dog microchipped by April 6th will have 21 days to comply or may face a penalty fine of up to £500.


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If the very rare Dulally Bird should find a broken link to its crumb of knowledge, please click


I have finally managed to find how to care for this Dulally Bird from

"The Care and Feeding of Stuffed Animals" by Glen Knape, as mentioned in the book "How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books" by Joel Rickett.

The Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year, originally known as the Diagram Group Prize for the Oddest Title at the Frankfurt Book Fair, commonly known as the Diagram Prize for short, is a humorous literary award that is given annually to the book with the oddest title. The prize is named after the Diagram Group, an information and graphics company based in London, and The Bookseller, a British trade magazine for the publishing industry.


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The contest was started in 1982 by Professor Scott E. Rice of the English Department at San Jose State University and is named for English novelist and playwright Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, author of the much-quoted first line "It was a dark and stormy night". This opening, from the 1830 novel Paul Clifford, continues floridly:

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

The first year of the competition attracted just three entries, but it went public the next year, received media attention, and attracted 10,000 entries.

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Choose 1 of these different Plant selection Methods:-


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  • Create and input all plants known by Amateur Gardening inserted into their Sanders' Encyclopaedia from their edition published in 1960 (originally published by them in 1895) into these
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There are other pages on Plants which bloom in each month of the year in this website:-




This is how to keep your groceries from falling over when they are in plastic handle bags:-



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It is worth remembering that especially with roses that the colour of the petals of the flower may change - The following photos are of Rosa 'Lincolnshire Poacher' which I took on the same day in R.V. Roger's Nursery Field:-


Closed Bud


Opening Bud


Juvenile Flower


Older Juvenile Flower


Middle-aged Flower - Flower Colour in Season in its
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Mature Flower


Juvenile Flower and Dying Flower


Form of Rose Bush

There are 720 roses in the Rose Galleries; many of which have the above series of pictures in their respective Rose Description Page.

So one might avoid the disappointment that the 2 elephants had when their trunks were entwined instead of them each carrying their trunk using their own trunk, and your disappointment of buying a rose to discover that the colour you bought it for is only the case when it has its juvenile flowers; if you look at all the photos of the roses in the respective Rose Description Page!!!!


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...Orange Hedge-rows and Verges.
...Pink A-G Lakes, Canals and Rivers.
...Pink H-Z Marshes, Fens, Bogs.
...Purple Old Buildings and Walls.
...Red Pinewoods.
...White A-D
Shingle Beaches, Rocks and Cliff Tops.
...White E-P Other.
...White Q-Z Number of Petals.
...Yellow A-G
...Yellow H-Z
Poisonous Parts.
...Shrub/Tree River Banks and other Freshwater Margins. and together with cultivated plants in
Colour Wheel.

You know its
a-h, i-p, q-z,
Botanical Names, or Common Names,
Acid Soil,
(Chalk) Soil
Marine Soil,
Neutral Soil,
is a
is a
is a
is a
Sedge, or

Each plant in each WILD FLOWER FAMILY PAGE will have a link to:-
1) its created Plant Description Page in its Common Name column, then external sites:-
2) to purchase the plant or seed in its Botanical Name column,
3) to see photos in its Flowering Months column and
4) to read habitat details in its Habitat Column.
Adder's Tongue
Bog Myrtle
Cornel (Dogwood)
Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 1
Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 2
Daisy Cudweeds
Daisy Chamomiles
Daisy Thistle
Daisy Catsears Daisy Hawkweeds
Daisy Hawksbeards
Dock Bistorts
Dock Sorrels
Filmy Fern
Royal Fern
Figwort - Mulleins
Figwort - Speedwells
Grass 1
Grass 2
Grass 3
Grass Soft
Bromes 1

Grass Soft
Bromes 2

Grass Soft
Bromes 3

Jacobs Ladder
Lily Garlic
Marsh Pennywort
Melon (Gourd/Cucumber)
Orchid 1
Orchid 2
Orchid 3
Orchid 4
Clover 1

Clover 2

Clover 3

Peaflower Vetches/Peas
Pink 1
Pink 2
Rannock Rush
Rose 1
Rose 2
Rose 3
Rose 4
Rush Woodrushes
Saint Johns Wort
Saltmarsh Grasses
Sea Lavender
Sedge Rush-like
Sedges Carex 1
Sedges Carex 2
Sedges Carex 3
Sedges Carex 4
Tassel Pondweed
Thyme 1
Thyme 2
Umbellifer 1
Umbellifer 2
Water Fern
Water Milfoil
Water Plantain
Water Starwort

Topic -
The following is a complete hierarchical Plant Selection Process

dependent on the Garden Style chosen
Garden Style
...Infill Plants
...12 Bloom Colours per Month Index
...12 Foliage Colours per Month Index
...All Plants Index
...Cultivation, Position, Use Index
...Shape, Form

Topic -
Flower/Foliage Colour Wheel Galleries with number of colours as a high-level Plant Selection Process

All Flowers 53 with
...Use of Plant and
Flower Shape
- page links in bottom row

All Foliage 53
instead of redundant
...(All Foliage 212)

All Flowers
per Month 12

Bee instead of wind pollinated plants for hay-fever sufferers
All Bee-Pollinated Flowers
per Month

Rock Garden and Alpine Flowers
Rock Plant Flowers 53
A, B, C, D, E, F,
G, H, I, J, K, L,
M, NO, PQ, R, S,
...Rock Plant Photos

Flower Colour Wheel without photos, but with links to photos
12 Bloom Colours
per Month Index

...All Plants Index

Topic -
Use of Plant in your Plant Selection Process

Plant Colour Wheel Uses
1. Perfect general use soil is composed of 8.3% lime, 16.6% humus, 25% clay and 50% sand, and
2. Why you are continually losing the SOIL STRUCTURE so your soil - will revert to clay, chalk, sand or silt.
Uses of Plant and Flower Shape:-
...Foliage Only
...Other than Green Foliage
...Trees in Lawn
...Trees in Small Gardens
...Wildflower Garden
...Attract Bird
...Attract Butterfly
, 2
...Climber on House Wall
...Climber not on House Wall
...Climber in Tree
...Pollution Barrier
...Part Shade
...Full Shade
...Single Flower provides Pollen for Bees
, 2, 3
...Covering Banks
...Patio Pot
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water
...Bog Garden
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Not Fragrant
...Standard Plant is 'Ball on Stick'
...Upright Branches or Sword-shaped leaves
...Plant to Prevent Entry to Human or Animal
...Coastal Conditions
...Tolerant on North-facing Wall
...Cut Flower
...Potted Veg Outdoors
...Potted Veg Indoors
...Raised Bed Outdoors Veg
...Grow in Alkaline Soil A-F, G-L, M-R,
...Grow in Acidic Soil
...Grow in Any Soil
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Grow Bulbs Indoors

Uses of Bedding
...Bedding Out
...Filling In
...Pots and Troughs
...Window Boxes
...Hanging Baskets
...Spring Bedding
...Summer Bedding
...Winter Bedding
...Foliage instead of Flower
...Coleus Bedding Photos for use in Public Domain 1

Uses of Bulb
...Other than Only Green Foliage
...Bedding or Mass Planting
...Tolerant of Shade
...In Woodland Areas
...Tolerant of Poor Soil
...Covering Banks
...In Water
...Beside Stream or Water Garden
...Coastal Conditions
...Edging Borders
...Back of Border or Back-ground Plant
...Fragrant Flowers
...Not Fragrant Flowers

...Grow in a Patio Pot
...Grow in an Alpine Trough
...Grow in an Alpine House
...Grow in Rock Garden
...Speciman Plant
...Into Native Plant Garden
...Naturalize in Grass
...Grow in Hanging Basket
...Grow in Window-box
...Grow in Green-house
...Grow in Scree
...Naturalized Plant Area
...Grow in Cottage Garden
...Attracts Butterflies
...Attracts Bees
...Resistant to Wildlife
...Bulb in Soil:-
......Lime-Free (Acid)

Uses of Rose
Rose Index

...Bedding 1, 2
...Climber /Pillar
...Cut-Flower 1, 2
...Exhibition, Speciman
...Grow In A Container 1, 2
...Hedge 1, 2
...Climber in Tree
...Edging Borders
...Tolerant of Poor Soil 1, 2
...Tolerant of Shade
...Back of Border
...Adjacent to Water

Topic -
Camera Photo Galleries showing all 4000 x 3000 pixels of each photo on your screen that you can then click and drag it to your desktop as part of a Plant Selection Process:-

RHS Garden at Wisley

Plant Supports -
When supporting plants in a bed, it is found that not only do those plants grow upwards, but also they expand their roots and footpad sideways each year. Pages
, 2, 3, 8, 11,
12, 13,
Plants 4, 7, 10,
Bedding Plants 5,
Plant Supports for Unknown Plants 5
Clematis Climbers 6,
the RHS does not appear to either follow it's own pruning advice or advice from The Pruning of Trees, Shrubs and Conifers by George E. Brown.
ISBN 0-571-11084-3 with the plants in Pages 1-7 of this folder. You can see from looking at both these resources as to whether the pruning carried out on the remainder of the plants in Pages 7-15 was correct.

Narcissus (Daffodil) 9,
Phlox Plant Supports 14, 15

Coleus Bedding Foliage Trial - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, Index

National Trust Garden at Sissinghurst Castle
Plant Supports -
Pages for Gallery 1

with Plant Supports
1, 5, 10
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9,
11, 12
Recommended Rose Pruning Methods 13
Pages for Gallery 2
with Plant Supports
Plants 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Dry Garden of
RHS Garden at
Hyde Hall

Plants - Pages
without Plant Supports
Plants 1
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Nursery of
Peter Beales Roses
Display Garden

Roses Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Nursery of
RV Roger

Roses - Pages
V76,Z77, 78,

Damage by Plants in Chilham Village - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4

Pavements of Funchal, Madeira
Damage to Trees - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13
for trees 1-54,
14, 15,
16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
for trees 55-95,
26, 27, 28, 29, 30,
31, 32, 33, 34, 35,
36, 37,
for trees 95-133,
38, 39, 40,
41, 42, 43, 44, 45,
for trees 133-166

Chris Garnons-Williams
Work Done - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13

Identity of Plants
Label Problems - Pages
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8, 9, 10,

Ron and Christine Foord - 1036 photos only inserted so far - Garden Flowers - Start Page of each Gallery
AB1 ,AN14,BA27,

Plant with Photo Index of Ivydene Gardens - 1187
A 1, 2, Photos - 43
B 1, Photos - 13
C 1, Photos - 35
D 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Photos - 411
with Plants causing damage to buildings in Chilham Village and Damage to Trees in Pavements of Funchal
E 1, Photos - 21
F 1, Photos - 1
G 1, Photos - 5
H 1, Photos - 21
I 1, Photos - 8
J 1, Photos - 1
K 1, Photos - 1
L 1, Photos - 85
with Label Problems
M 1, Photos - 9
N 1, Photos - 12
O 1, Photos - 5
P 1, Photos - 54
Q 1, Photos -
R 1, 2, 3,
Photos - 229
S 1, Photos - 111
T 1, Photos - 13
U 1, Photos - 5
V 1, Photos - 4
W 1, Photos - 100
with Work Done by Chris Garnons-Williams
X 1 Photos -
Y 1, Photos -
Z 1 Photos -
Articles/Items in Ivydene Gardens - 88
Flower Colour, Num of Petals, Shape and
Plant Use of:-
Rock Garden
within linked page

Topic -
Fragrant Plants as a Plant Selection Process for your sense of smell:-

Sense of Fragrance from Roy Genders

Fragrant Plants:-
Trees and Shrubs with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for an Acid Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented Flowers for a
Chalky or Limestone Soil
, 2, 3, 4
Shrubs bearing Scented leaves for a
Sandy Soil
, 2, 3
Herbaceous Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3
Annual and Biennial Plants with Scented Flowers or Leaves
, 2
Bulbs and Corms with Scented Flowers
, 2, 3, 4, 5
Scented Plants of Climbing and Trailing Habit
, 2, 3
Winter-flowering Plants with Scented Flowers
, 2
Night-scented Flowering Plants
, 2

Topic -
Website User Guidelines

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