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Ivydene Gardens Useful Data: W


Did you know about these waste decomposition times:-

  • That a glass bottle thrown into the sea will take a 1000 years to decompose and disappear,
  • Paper Tissues take 3 months,
  • Matchsticks take 6 months,
  • Cigarette butts will pollute the sea for 1 to 5 years,
  • Plastic bags 10 to 20 years,
  • Nylon articles 30 to 40 years,
  • Cans 500 years,
  • Polystyrene 1000 years

Information from February 8th 2001 edition of Awake magazine.




Wildflower Turf Timelapse Video

We thought it would help gardeners and landscapers to see the process of creating a wildflower meadow from scratch on some barren land. This new video starts with the laying of the Wildflower Turf and has recently been narrated by James Hewetson-Brown who explains how simple it really is.

Before and after examples are shown from other customers from around the country including a 'Green Roof' example, where James explains the benefits over the more 'traditional sedum roofs'..

This particular patch was ready in just about 9 weeks. Depending on the weather and location a wildflower meadow can be created in as little as 8 weeks!

In november 2010 we setup our time-lapse camera on one of the stable roofs at the farm to film the turf growing over an entire year which has been compressed down to 1 minutes worth of footage to demonstrate the lifecycle of the Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Turf

Wildflower Meadow to be sown from Seed

Support our birds, bees and insects by setting aside part of your garden for a native wildflower & grass bed. Wildflower beds are really easy to establish and maintain. Another benefit is that wildflowers prefer poor soils so you can use those tatty patches that nothing seems to like! Top tips - choose seeds suitable for the condition of your soil in the March to October growing season. Try to remove as many of the weeds from the patch as you can before sowing your seeds. Mix your seeds with dry sand or compost before you sow as this will help you sow the seeds evenly. Sow 2-4g of seeds per square meter of ground. You can buy ready mixed seeds to suit your soil type or objective (e.g. supporting bees or birds);

Detailed instructions for creating a wildflower bed form seeds, plug plants or bulbs:-
Establishing a Wildflower Meadow or Garden


Maintenance Instructions:-
Maintaining a Wildflower Meadow or Garden


Wildflower species characteristics table - identify height, soil and moisture needs and flower colour:-
wildflower guide

and you could create this:-


Waste from your garden

Gardenscapedirect will remove 1 tonne of garden, household and construction waste for £48.0 per bag, providing that the bag is no more than 3 metres from a road for collection. A bag can be sent for £8.50.


Workwear gloves

Gripper gloves are knitted cotton with criss-crossed latex palm and back. I have worn these gloves for 14.5 years for all garden work except very thorny bushes when I use welders gauntlets.


Wheelbarrow puncture-proof tyre

The Eliminator tyre and wheel, which is puncture-proof. No air, no flats, no maintenance. 1-piece wheel with micro-cellular polyurethane structure gives each Eliminator an 'air-cushioned' ride with the weight and feel of a pneumatic tyre, and the longevity of a solid tyre.
use Linseal Tyre Sealant, which lasts for the life of the tyre and prevents punctures up to 10mm diameter.

Wood saws

Silky wood saws are japanese and very sharp. Use 1 for cutting branches from the ground, another one for roots and one on a pole for cutting branches out of reach. These saws come with protective sheaths to prevent damage when transporting them. These saws cannot be resharpened by a hand file, and they are designed to cut on the pull stroke. I have used these for the last 5 years as the better ones that I have found.

then click English to get English Contact Form

Cab be bought from Quality Garden Tools

Water saving tip

Save 1.5 litres of water every flush of your toilet.

Water re-use

Save 50% of your usage of mains water by re-use of Rainwater to wash clothes, flush toilets and water the garden.

Mains water usage averages 140 litres per person per day in UK:-

3 litres drinking & cooking
8 litres dishwashing
8 litres personal cleansing
44 litres baths & showers
17 litres clothes washing
10 litres cleaning, car washing
5 litres garden watering
45 litres w.c. flushing
The mains water usage in red can be replaced by rainwater

Waterproof Coating for walls, concrete ponds and retaining walls

A flexible waterproof coating for brickwork, concrete and stone

Use internally or externally

Can be overpainted if required

Non-toxic, low odour formulation

A blend of resins and cement that produces a highly effective 2mm-3mm thick waterproof coating.

Wild Flower and Grass Seed Mixtures to produce wildflower meadow

Wild Flower Seed Mixtures contain 85% grasses and 15% native British produced wildflowers.

AWF1 - A carefully selected mixture suitable for shaded woodland soils.

AWF2 - Suitable for damp, moist and wet soils also on saturated banks of ponds, streams, rivers and ditches.

AWF3 - On soils overlying limestone or chalk, particular types of flowers can be found and these are contained in this blend of species.

AWF4 - This mixture should be sown on all clay soils and uses species typically found on this soil type.

AWF5 - The flowers selected in this mixture naturally occur on soils characterised by a low pH, which allows you to produce a flowery sward on a range of acid soils.

AWF6 - This mixture is suitable for establishing flowery grassland on all loam/ alluvial type soils and can produce a rich diverse sward.

AWF7 - Suitable for field and woodland margins.

AWF8 - On free-draining sandy soils we advise the use of this mixture to recreate a meadow typical for this soil type.

A detailed analysis of all AWF Mixtures and Wild Flower Management Guidelines are available on request – 

Limagrain then click on wildflower mixtures towards bottom of page












Male Small Blue Butterfly

Water play splashpad system as alternative to paddling pools and traditional water play systems.

Ustigate Splashpad water features are designed to be safe. After use the clean mains water can be recycled to a grey water tank which is then used for flushing toilets or providing automatic irrigation for watering plants. Ustigate provides a complete service from consultation, design, installation and after-sales service.


Whitefly Killer - Natural Pest Control

Whitefly is a major pest of vegetable and ornamental crops, with both the adults and the nymphs feeding on the plant, which can cause stunted growth and fruit can be soiled by heavy infestations. Varieties under particular threat from Whitefly are tomatoes, cucumbers and fuchsias.
Whitefly Killer is the first of two treatments for Whitefly, and is supplied as Encarsia Formosa on cards which are hung on the affected plants. As these tiny parasitic wasps hatch they fly off and parasitise Whitefly pupae. These predators are harmless to all other creatures. It is recommended to use Whitefly Killer early in the year and switch to Whitefly Mix in the hotter months. Whitefly Killer is only suited to use indoors or in greenhouses with a minimum temperature of 17°C, and is supplied in three introductions at fortnightly intervals.
Natural pest control products offer a safe and effective way of controlling pests for both edible and ornamental crops, without the use of toxic chemicals, making them ideal for the organic gardener.

Only suitable for indoor or greenhouse treatments.

Full instructions supplied with each treatment.

Green Methods in USA , The Telegraph Gardenshop in the UK and Biological Services in Australia

Water Wizard to provide easy way of watering basket plants

Watering couldn't be simpler. Just fill a plastic bottle with water, attach the Water Wizard™ and insert upside down for easy and effective watering right down to the roots. (Bottles not supplied - T&M suggest using a plastic soft drink bottle). Can be used to water hanging baskets and patio containers too.


Wig Wam Cane Grips

An easy way to support canes for Runner Beans and Sweet Peas.

Wooden Bridge up to 30 metre span

Wooden bridges may be flat decked or arched and single spans up to 30metres are achievable with composite construction. Structures are delivered to site.


Wildlife safety system to cross a road

Wildlife Hazards

Every year thousands of amphibians are killed throughout Britain on roads that cross their migration paths, whilst encroaching urban developments, construction sites and industrial activities (such as quarrying) pose even greater threats to wildlife ecosystems.

The Hy-Tex ACO Wildlife Guidance System, which comprises of a sectional concave barrier and optional under road tunnel, has been designed with the fundamental requirements and well being of herpetofauna and small mammals alike, ensuring successful wildlife habitats where traffic and other developments pose a problem.


Wooden sections to create raised beds and terracing

WoodBlocX is wooden, modular and easy-to-use. BlocX are linked together using dowels and wedges made from re-cycled plastic. WoodBlocX can just as easily be integrated into an established garden as a new garden setting or a small city garden as a more dramatic landscape. Use it for kerbing, corner boxes, low walls, terracing and decking supports.

I have used it 6 years ago for the 2 raised half-circle beds in my front garden, and raised half-circle side bed by the front door. It was very easy to use and has not rotted.


Waterproofing and drainage to create areas for dry storage

Control and remove unwanted water from leaking tunnels, dripping arches, wet basements, flooded cellars & damp vaults to make warm living spaces or areas suitable for dry storage.

I have used the excellent services of John Newton & Co Ltd when constructing an area under a raised deck with retaining walls and block walls, to provide an enclosed room with external door for storing post-graduate research papers. I laid the same granite slabs on the 12 feet square deck as on the lower 45 square yard patio and path. The raised deck is used as a barbecue and dining area.

John Newton

Waterproof socks

Keep your feet dry with SealSkinz waterproof socks.


Water Clockwork Timer

Hose Timer with Twist dial. Clockwork operation. No batteries required. Maximum water duration 2 hours.

Before you go to bed, set the timer going to water your plants at night-time.


Windbreak Fencing Mesh

Windbreak mesh is a high strength extruded plastic fencing mesh designed to offer essential protection for crops, nurseries, house farmed animals & gardens from destructive winds, driving rain and drifting snow. The Windbreak mesh should be erected by battening to wooden fence posts, or by battening to existing chain link fencing around sports grounds. Battening ensures that the forces exerted onto the wind break mesh filaments are spread evenly ensuring that the mesh will not tear. The windbreak mesh will offer maintenance free protection.

▪ Windbreaks fencing is manufactured from high density polyethylene

▪ The plastic mesh is UV stabilised and rot resistant

Our windbreak fences offer good wind speed reduction, allowing sufficient air through to enable plants to breathe, and can protect animals from insects and birds when fixed on windows or doors of hutches.


Weed Control Fabric

DuPont™ Plantex® is a non-woven Polypropylene weed control fabric for long lasting, effective and environmentally friendly weed control.
Used by many landscapers, Plantex® has a proven history of 30 years. Its unique structure allows air, water and nutrients to pass through the fabric, lets the soil and plant roots breathe while keeping the weeds underground. This helps to promote a soil environment conducive to healthier plant growth, while providing low maintenance weed control against most common garden weeds such as dandelion, forget me not, clover, buttercup.


DuPont™ Plantex® Gold is an aesthetic bi-coloured, non-woven Polypropylene weed control barrier for long lasting, highly effective and chemical-free weed control even against tough weeds such as couch grass, horsetail, bindweed.

This brown and black fabric allows air, water and nutrients to pass through, lets the soil and plant roots breathe while keeping the weeds underground.

Where to buy these products.

Non-woven Weed Control Fabric


Material:100% virgin Polyprolylene

Treatment:UV treated , breathable


Color:black,green,white,brown or as request

Shandong Lianhong Plastic Co., Ltd, China


Useful Data - Subject Link Index

From April 2016, all dogs in the UK will need to be microchipped by law. Anyone who doesn't have their dog microchipped by April 6th will have 21 days to comply or may face a penalty fine of up to £500.


Adonis Blue Egg


Adonis Blue Egg on a leaf

Ivydene Horticultural Services logo with I design, construct and maintain private gardens. I also advise and teach you in your own garden. 01634 389677


If the very rare Dulally Bird should find a broken link to its crumb of knowledge, please click


I have finally managed to find how to care for this Dulally Bird from

"The Care and Feeding of Stuffed Animals" by Glen Knape, as mentioned in the book "How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books" by Joel Rickett.

The Bookseller/Diagram Prize for Oddest Title of the Year, originally known as the Diagram Group Prize for the Oddest Title at the Frankfurt Book Fair, commonly known as the Diagram Prize for short, is a humorous literary award that is given annually to the book with the oddest title. The prize is named after the Diagram Group, an information and graphics company based in London, and The Bookseller, a British trade magazine for the publishing industry.


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The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (BLFC) is a tongue-in-cheek contest held annually and is sponsored by the English Department of San Jose State University in San Jose, California. Entrants are invited "to compose the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels" – that is, deliberately bad.
The contest was started in 1982 by Professor Scott E. Rice of the English Department at San Jose State University and is named for English novelist and playwright Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, author of the much-quoted first line "It was a dark and stormy night". This opening, from the 1830 novel Paul Clifford, continues floridly:

It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents, except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

The first year of the competition attracted just three entries, but it went public the next year, received media attention, and attracted 10,000 entries.

There are now several subcategories, such as detective fiction, romance novels, Western novels, and purple prose. Sentences that are notable but not quite bad enough to merit the Grand Prize or a category prize are awarded Dishonorable Mentions.



Explanation of Structure of this Website with User Guidelines Page for those photo galleries with Photos
(of either ones I have taken myself or others which have been loaned only for use on this website from external sources)


Choose 1 of these different Plant selection Methods:-


1. Choose a plant from 1 of 53 flower colours in the Colour Wheel Gallery.


2. Choose a plant from 1 of 12 flower colours in each month of the year from 12 Bloom Colours per Month Index Gallery.


3. Choose a plant from 1 of 6 flower colours per month for each type of plant:-

Deciduous Shrub
Deciduous Tree
Evergreen Perennial
Evergreen Shrub
Evergreen Tree
Herbaceous Perennial
Odds and Sods
Soft Fruit
Top Fruit
Wild Flower


4. Choose a plant from its Flower Shape:-

Shape, Form

Flower Shape


5. Choose a plant from its foliage:-



6. There are 6 Plant Selection Levels including Bee Pollinated Plants for Hay Fever Sufferers in
Plants Topic.




7. when I do not have my own or ones from mail-order nursery photos , then from March 2016, if you want to start from the uppermost design levels through to your choice of cultivated and wildflower plants to change your Plant Selection Process then use the following galleries:-

  • Create and input all plants known by Amateur Gardening inserted into their Sanders' Encyclopaedia from their edition published in 1960 (originally published by them in 1895) into these
    • Stage 1 - Garden Style Index Gallery,
    • Stage 2 - Infill Plants Index Gallery being the only gallery from these 7 with photos (from Wikimedia Commons) ,
    • Stage 3 - All Plants Index Gallery with each plant species in its own Plant Type Page followed by choice from Stage 4a, 4b, 4c and/or 4d REMEMBERING THE CONSTRAINTS ON THE SELECTION FROM THE CHOICES MADE IN STAGES 1 AND 2
    • Stage 4a - 12 Bloom Colours per Month Index Gallery,
    • Stage 4b - 12 Foliage Colours per Month Index Gallery with
    • Stage 4c - Cultivation, Position, Use Index Gallery and
    • Stage 4d - Shape, Form Index Gallery
    • Unfortunately, if you want to have 100's of choices on selection of plants from 1000's of 1200 pixels wide by up to 16,300 pixels in length webpages, which you can jump to from almost any of the pages in these 7 galleries above, you have to put up with those links to those choices being on
      • the left topic menu table,
      • the header of the middle data table and on
      • the page/index menu table on the right of every page of those galleries.

There are other pages on Plants which bloom in each month of the year in this website:-




This is how to keep your groceries from falling over when they are in plastic handle bags:-


Case Studies

Companion Planting
...A, B, C, D, E,
...F, G, H, I, J, K,
...L, M, N, O, P, Q,
...R, S, T, U, V, W,
...X, Y, Z
...Pest Control
...using Plants

Garden Construction
Garden Design
...RHS Mixed Borders
......Bedding Plants
......Her Perennials
......Other Plants Garden Maintenance
Offbeat Glossary
...Poisonous Plants
...Soil Nutrients
Tool Shed
Useful Data *


Topic - Plant Photo Galleries
Plant with Photo Index of Ivydene Gardens
A 1, Photos
B 1, Photos
C 1, Photos
D 1, Photos
E 1, Photos
F 1, Photos
G 1, Photos
H 1, Photos
I 1, Photos
J 1, Photos
K 1, Photos
L 1, Photos
M 1, Photos
N 1, Photos
O 1, Photos
P 1, Photos
Q 1, Photos
R 1, Photos
S 1, Photos
T 1, Photos
U 1, Photos
V 1, Photos
W 1, Photos
X 1 Photos
Y 1, Photos
Z 1 Photos
Articles/Items in Ivydene Gardens
Flower Shape and Plant Use of
Evergreen Perennial
Herbaceous Perennial

Bedding Flower Shape

...Allium/ Anemone
...Colchicum/ Crocus
...Hippeastrum/ Lily
...Late Summer
Deciduous Shrub
...Shrubs - Decid
Deciduous Tree
...Trees - Decid
Evergreen Perennial
...P-Evergreen A-L
...P-Evergreen M-Z
...Flower Shape
Evergreen Shrub
...Shrubs - Evgr
...Heather Shrub
Evergreen Tree
...Trees - Evgr
Herbaceous Perennial
...P -Herbaceous
...RHS Wisley
...Flower Shape
Odds and Sods
...RHS Wisley A-F
...RHS Wisley G-R
...RHS Wisley S-Z
...Rose Use
...Other Roses A-F
...Other Roses G-R
...Other Roses S-Z
Soft Fruit
Top Fruit


Wild Flower
with its
flower colour page,
Site Map page in its flower colour
NOTE Gallery
...Blue Note
...Brown Note
...Cream Note
...Green Note
...Mauve Note
...Multi-Cols Note
...Orange Note
...Pink A-G Note
...Pink H-Z Note
...Purple Note
...Red Note
...White A-D Note
...White E-P Note
...White Q-Z Note
...Yellow A-G Note
...Yellow H-Z Note
...Shrub/Tree Note
Wildflower Plants


Topic - Flower/Foliage Colour
Colour Wheel Galleries

Following your choice using Garden Style then that changes your Plant Selection Process
Garden Style
...Infill Plants
...12 Bloom Colours per Month Index
...12 Foliage Colours per Month Index
...All Plants Index
...Cultivation, Position, Use Index
...Shape, Form

you could use these Flower Colour Wheels with number of colours
All Flowers 53

All Flowers per Month 12
with its
Explanation of
Structure of this Website with

...User Guidelines
All Bee-Pollinated Flowers per Month 12
Rock Garden and Alpine Flower Colour Wheel with number of colours
Rock Plant Flowers 53

...Rock Plant Photos

these Foliage Colour Wheels structures, which I have done but until I can take the photos and I am certain of the plant label's validity, these may not progress much further
All Foliage 212

All Spring Foliage 212
All Summer Foliage 212
All Autumn Foliage 212
All Winter Foliage 212

Flower Colour Wheel without photos, but with links to photos
12 Bloom Colours per Month Index
...All Plants Index


Topic - Wildlife on Plant Photo Gallery
Usage of Plants
by Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly

Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly usage of
Plant A-C
Plant C-M
Plant N-W
Butterfly usage of Plant

followed by all the Wild Flower Family Pages:-


(o)Adder's Tongue
(o)Bog Myrtle
(o)Cornel (Dogwood)
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 1
(o)Crucifer (Cabbage/Mustard) 2
(o)Daisy Cudweeds
(o)Daisy Chamomiles
(o)Daisy Thistle
(o)Daisy Catsears (o)Daisy Hawkweeds
(o)Daisy Hawksbeards
(o)Dock Bistorts
(o)Dock Sorrels


(o)Filmy Fern
(o)Royal Fern
(o)Figwort - Mulleins
(o)Figwort - Speedwells
(o)Grass 1
(o)Grass 2
(o)Grass 3
(o)Grass Soft Bromes 1
(o)Grass Soft Bromes 2
(o)Grass Soft Bromes 3 (o)Hazel
(o)Jacobs Ladder
(o)Lily Garlic
(o)Marsh Pennywort
(o)Melon (Gourd/Cucumber)


(o)Orchid 1
(o)Orchid 2
(o)Orchid 3
(o)Orchid 4
(o)Peaflower Clover 1
(o)Peaflower Clover 2
(o)Peaflower Clover 3
(o)Peaflower Vetches/Peas
(o)Pink 1
(o)Pink 2
Rannock Rush
(o)Rose 1
(o)Rose 2
(o)Rose 3
(o)Rose 4
(o)Rush Woodrushes
(o)Saint Johns Wort
Saltmarsh Grasses


(o)Sea Lavender
(o)Sedge Rush-like
(o)Sedges Carex 1
(o)Sedges Carex 2
(o)Sedges Carex 3
(o)Sedges Carex 4
Tassel Pondweed
(o)Thyme 1
(o)Thyme 2
(o)Umbellifer 1
(o)Umbellifer 2
(o)Water Fern
(o)Water Milfoil
(o)Water Plantain
(o)Water Starwort


It is worth remembering that especially with roses that the colour of the petals of the flower may change - The following photos are of Rosa 'Lincolnshire Poacher' which I took on the same day in R.V. Roger's Nursery Field:-


Closed Bud


Opening Bud


Juvenile Flower


Older Juvenile Flower


Middle-aged Flower - Flower Colour in Season in its
Rose Description Page is
"Buff Yellow, with a very slight pink tint at the edges in May-October."


Mature Flower


Juvenile Flower and Dying Flower


Form of Rose Bush

There are 720 roses in the Rose Galleries; many of which have the above series of pictures in their respective Rose Description Page.

So one might avoid the disappointment that the 2 elephants had when their trunks were entwined instead of them each carrying their trunk using their own trunk, and your disappointment of buying a rose to discover that the colour you bought it for is only the case when it has its juvenile flowers; if you look at all the photos of the roses in the respective Rose Description Page!!!!